Case Study: Caribbean Airlines Ltd

Over one-hundred First Officers assessed in one month

Between 2016 and 2017, SurePilot successfully assessed of over one-hundred pilot candidates for Caribbean Airlines Ltd using our cloud-based online assessment tool.

A state-owned and flag carrier airline of Trinidad and Tobago established in 2006, Caribbean Airlines Limited operates a multitude of flights to North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean from a hub at Piarco Intl Airport. Caribbean Airlines employs over 1,700 staff and is currently the largest airline in the Caribbean.
The fleet of Caribbean Airlines Ltd consists of five ATR 72-600 aircraft and twelve Boeing 737-800 aircraft, operating more than 600 weekly flights to 18 destinations.

“In an environment of high competition for these jobs, airlines must invest in selection exercises which give HR an objective criterion for fine filtering candidates. The SurePilot assessment has done this and did not disappoint.”
Janel Phillip, Human Resources Consultant, Caribbean Airlines Ltd

Caribbean Airlines Ltd approached SurePilot in late 2016 with the requirement to rapidly and effectively assess approximately one-hundred First Officer candidates for immediate recruitment in to active commercial airline operation. The particular recruitment process implemented by Caribbean Airlines Ltd necessitated a suitably capable assessment battery, and one that permitted multiple assessors to analyse and examine the performance of candidates promptly, and down to a micro-detail level without requiring the installation of costly software applications or hardware. Caribbean Airlines Ltd requested also that invitation to assessment, including the participation by and subsequent analysis of candidate performance, be completed within a pre-determined time scale.


Caribbean Airlines Ltd quickly commenced invitation of candidates worldwide with the SurePilot for Assessors portal, a reliable and easily-deployable cloud-based service delivered through a web browser that requires no installation.

Invitation was an automatic and highly-simplified process, enabling Caribbean Airlines Ltd to rapidly invite 107 candidates to online assessment. Without delay, each candidate received a customised invitation direct to their email inbox.

Owing to the ease of deployment and usability of SurePilot, 107 candidates were able to use normal web browsers on their own computers from the comfort of their homes to access and participate in assessment, without the necessity of additional hardware or software, other than that provided with a typical desktop or laptop computer. Candidates benefited from the same portal as that provided to the airline but tailored to them, enabling rapid progression through the testing apparatus. This reduced waiting times for test completion and helped facilitate the recruitment process within the airline.

Throughout this process, the elected staff of Caribbean Airlines Ltd were able to monitor the progress and performance of each candidate, and paralleled with the punctual customer service of SurePilot, were able to ensure that all candidates successfully completed the SurePilot assessment battery within a pre-determined time scale.

On completion of assessment by each candidate, candidate performance data was immediately available to Caribbean Airlines Ltd within their SurePilot for Assessors portal.
Caribbean Airlines Ltd were able to analyse candidate performance per skill or per test, with data being displayed graphically or textually. Both raw and aggregate outputs were also readily available for the airline to examine without delay. The SurePilot for Assessors portal permitted Caribbean Airlines to instantly rank candidates by a multitude variables, enabled the exportation of all candidate performance data in to an Excel spreadsheet and the download of a 21-page PDF report of each candidate, detailing aptitudes and inadequacies in-depth.

“The quality of the candidates' reports from the assessment far surpassed any ability or reasoning test report I had ever seen in my 18 years' of being an IO Psychologist and HR Practitioner.”
Janel Phillip, Human Resources Consultant, Caribbean Airlines Ltd

All 107 candidates participated in assessment using our lightweight software, delivered from the cloud to web browser by SurePilot.

Using the SurePilot for Assessors portal, Caribbean Airlines Ltd were provided with an all-in-one solution that catered for the entire assessment process, from invitation to results analysis, all of which were accessed through an easily-navigable portal.

As a result of our intelligent design philosophy and being refined using many hypothetical scenarios, SurePilot enhanced productivity, improved analysis of results and provided an all-in-one solution to assessing candidate potential for Caribbean Airlines Ltd.

“...the SurePilot Assessment has been able to give us important insight into the potential skills and reasoning ability of the First Officers Candidates who applied for the position.”
Janel Phillip, Human Resources Consultant, Caribbean Airlines Ltd
Between 2016 and 2017, Caribbean Airlines Ltd successfully and cost-effectively assessed over one-hundred First Officer candidates using our highly-dependable and rapidly-deployable SurePilot assessment. The immediate availability of candidate performance data, owing to the extensive automation processes developed within SurePilot, ensured that time management was better utilised by airline recruitment staff, and combined with the exclusion of costly software applications or hardware, enabled the organisation to operate a cost-efficient recruitment process.
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