For Candidates

For Candidates
Rapidly and cost-effectively assess your pilot career potential online.
Analyse your potential online for a £26 one time fee.
Multiple Skills Assessed
Assess multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory recall, reaction time and hand-to-eye coordination with five tests.
Infinite Analysis Possibilites
Analyse your performance per skill or per test, displayed graphically or textually with both raw and aggregated data.
Compare your Performance
Instantly rank and effortlessly compare yourself against other candidates on many graphs.
Rapid Test Progression
Access your account, complete your tests (within six hours) and analyse or download your performance data instantly.
Fully Cloud-based
SurePilot is accessed from the cloud without installation of any software on a desktop, laptop or tablet device.
Use in your Web Browser
Start using this software immediately and without any additional costly hardware or software on web browser.

5 Tests
25 Detailed Graphs
1 Simple Overview

With twenty-five detailed graphs outputting candidate performance data on multi-tasking, spatial awareness, reaction time, memory recall and both left-hand and right-hand accuracy, this software provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution to assessing your potential.
Access with a web browser. No installation required and no extra hardware needed.
Downloadable PDF Report
Download a 21-page report that provides a detailed analysis of your performance both graphically and textually.
Eliminating Barriers to Entry
The price of particpating in a SurePilot assessment ensures all barriers to entry are effectively reduced or eliminated.
Suitable for all Career Levels
SurePilot is suitable for both ab-initio and zero hour candidates to experienced and fully-qualified pilots.
Time Limited for Accuracy
Tests must be completed within six hours, enabling SurePilot to effectively and objectively assess candidate performance.

5 Tests
2 Attempts
1 Final Score
Benefit from raw and aggregate data. Data is provided both graphically and textually, enabling rapid analysis of overall performance as well as more detailed critiques of performance in particular skill or test areas. *Performance Change by Test and Bar and Line Graphs available to Enhanced Data Users only.
Discover your Strengths and Weaknesses right now.
Reliable & Dependable
Our online pilot assessment solution is delivered by a combination of content delivery network and Europe-based dedicated server to your web browser as a reliable and dependable lightweight software package that doesn't need to be installed or downloaded.
Intelligently Built
By following an intelligent design philosophy and being refined using many hypothetical scenarios, this software has been built to enhance productivity, improve analysis of results and provide an all-in-one solution to assessing candidate potential at all career levels.
It's in our DNA
Developed and built by commercial pilots, SurePilot joins an existing company, also providing software delivered through a web browser. provides market-leading online preparation software for aspiring and qualified pilots.

Download a PDF Report detailing your performance graphically and textually.

The downloadable PDF consists of a 21-page report detailing your performance, enabling you to store your results offline or if you wish, to provide to your human resources department. *Downloadable PDF available to Enhanced Data Users only.
Analyse your potential online for a £26 one time fee right now.