Introduction of Project 2020

We're introducing a new Research & Development project known as Project 2020 to help us continue the development of the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment solution.

The objective of Project 2020 is to collect data from candidates who undertake SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessments. Doing this will help us assess test reliability, refine the processes we use to test candidates and to help us validate the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment solution. The timescale for this project is approximately twelve months.

We're offering everyone who participates in Project 2020 the opportunity to complete a SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment completely free of charge.

Data will be collected from candidates who participate in Project 2020 via a quick 5-minute questionnaire.

To find out more about Project 2020, please go to the Project 2020 page.