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Information for Assessors
The SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment was developed by and is subseqently a product of Jupiter Aviation Technology Limited, a company registered in England & Wales.

Developed in response to client requests for a tool to replace aging computer-based assessment software and outdated assessment practices, the primary goal of SurePilot™ is to provide cloud-based and cost-effective assessment of pilot candidates.

The SurePilot™ method of assessment is to assess test takers against a defined set of core competencies. These core competencies, as outlined in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Best Practices for Pilot Aptitude Testing document, translate into the skills and attributes required to safely and efficiently fulfill the role of a commercial pilot. It is suggested by this document that effective pilot aptitude testing incorporates these afforementioned core competencies.

Key Details
  • Multiple Skills Assessed
    Assess multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory recall, reaction time, hand-to-eye coordination, technical knowledge and numerical reasoning with SurePilot™.
  • Deep Analysis
    Analyse candidate performance per skill or per test, displayed graphically or textually with both raw and aggregated data.
  • Candidate Performance Data
    Instantly rank and effortlessly compare candidates by final score, performance change and percentile.
  • Rapid Test Progression
    Candidates must complete their assessment within six hours. This means more accurate data, and less waiting around.
  • Downloadable PDF Report
    Download a detailed PDF report immediately on each candidate following assessment completion.
  • Export data to XLS
    SurePilot™ candidate performance data can be exported to an .XLS file for manipulation with your own data management and analysis programs.

Other Features
  • Invite Infinite Candidates
    Use your dedicated SurePilot™ Assessor Portal to invite candidates directly and immediately to assessment. We do not cap the volume of candidates you can invite using this service.
  • Deployable from a Web Browser
    Access and utilise the full functionalities of SurePilot™ within a normal web browser window on a desktop, laptop or tablet device.
  • Uniquely Automated
    Assessors benefit from a refined and automated software that will remove many of the administrative tasks traditionally associated with a human resourcing role.
  • Reliable & Dependable
    SurePilot™ is delivered by a content delivery network via our Europe-based dedicated server as a reliable and dependable lightweight software package that doesn't need to be installed or downloaded.
  • Reduced Overheads
    SurePilot™ assessments are completed online, removing both the requirement for costly hardware or software and a dedicated space within your premises to assess candidates.
  • Rapid, in every way.
    From initial invitation of candidates, to the completion of tests and analysis of candidate performance, this software will rapidly improve your organisation efficiency.