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Rapidly assess your pilot career potential online.
Individuals can undergo the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment using their web browser to gain greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in particular areas that are related to the IATA-defined core competencies.

These core competencies, as outlined in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Best Practices for Pilot Aptitude Testing document, translate into the skills and attributes required to safely and efficiently fulfill the role of a commercial pilot.

The SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment can be used to indicate whether an individual exhibits these core competencies, and subsequently, can be used to make an objective assessment on whether the individual is capable of successfully completing flight training to fATPL level and beyond.

Key Details
  • Multiple Skills Assessed
    Assess multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory recall, reaction time, hand-to-eye coordination, technical knowledge and numerical reasoning with SurePilot™ using five tests.
  • Deep Analysis
    Analyse your performance per skill or per test using textual and graphical data to gain an in-depth understanding of your performance in the core competencies.
  • Give Context to your Performance
    Instantly rank and effortlessly compare your performance against other individuals who have taken the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment.
  • Quick Results
    Access your account, complete your tests (within six hours) and analyse or download your performance data instantly.
  • Downloadable PDF Report
    Download a PDF report outlining key areas of your performance immediately following assessment completion.
  • Use in your Web Browser
    Undergo a SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment immediately and without any additional costly hardware or software on web browser.

Other Features
  • Suitable for all Career Levels
    SurePilot™ is suitable for both ab-initio and zero hour candidates to experienced and fully-qualified pilots.
  • Time Limited for Accuracy
    Tests must be completed within six hours, enabling SurePilot™ to effectively and objectively assess your performance.
  • Eliminating Barriers to Entry
    The price of particpating in a SurePilot™ assessment ensures all barriers to entry are effectively reduced or eliminated.
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