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Research & Development for the SurePilot™ Assessment
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What is Project 2020?
Project 2020 is a Research & Development project established in November 2019 help us continue the development of the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment solution in the next 12 months.
What are the objectives of Project 2020?
Our primary goal is to collect data from candidates who undertake SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessments to help us assess test reliability, refine the processes we use to test candidates and to help us validate the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment solution.
Why should I participate in Project 2020?
By participating in Project 2020, not only will you be able to take a free SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment, but you will also be contributing to the research and development of a contemporary pilot assessment tool that we hope will help to shape the future of aviation training.

The SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment, which normally costs in the region of £26 to £32, is offered free of charge to Project 2020 participants. It's an online computerised assessment that is completed on a normal desktop or laptop computer and is comprised of five tests assessing a broad range of competencies. It typically takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. On completion of the assessment, you're presented with detailed information on your performance, including a 21-page PDF describing your scores.

To learn more about the SurePilot™ Assessment, please click here.
What does it mean to participate in Project 2020?
Participating in Project 2020 is a very simple process. We're offering everyone who participates in Project 2020 the opportunity to complete a SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment completely free of charge and in return, we request that each test taker complete a 5-minute questionnaire. The data we collect from these questionnaires will allow us to assess test reliability, refine our testing processes and help us to validate the SurePilot™ Assessment for commercial use.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire, but the data we require is vital to our research and development objectives.
How do I complete the Project 2020 Questionnaire?
The Project 2020 Questionnaire is completed in two parts. You'll complete the first part during registration for your SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment where we will ask you a few questions on your age, location, educational level and aviation experience.

The second part is only relevant to those individuals with aviation experience, and subject to the answers provided during your registration, you may not be required to complete this part. The second part of the questionnaire asks for further information about your aviation experience.

If you are required to complete the second part of the questionnaire, you will prompted to do so by a message shown throughout your SurePilot™ User Area when you are logged in. The information required can be entered via your Manage Account page when you're logged in.

The entire process to complete both parts of the Project 2020 questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes.
What questions do you ask in the Project 2020 Questionnaire?
We ask questions about the following things:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Education Level
  • Aviation Qualification Level
  • Aviation Career Position (if applicable)
  • Current Flying Hours (if applicable)
  • PPL (if applicable)
  • CPL (if applicable)
  • Instrument Rating (if applicable)
  • Type Rating (if applicable)
  • OPC/LPC (if applicable)
Am I eligible to participate in Project 2020?
If you're aged 18 or over, you're eligible to participate in Project 2020! It doesn't matter if you do not have flying experience, our goal is collect data from a wide demographic of individuals to help us to continue developing the SurePilot™ Assessment solution.
What do you do with the answers I provide and how do you protect my data?
Once you complete a Project 2020 Questionnaire our first step is to anonymise it, this means we remove any information that could personally identify you. Once this is complete, the remaining information is used in research within SurePilot™. One example of how we use the information we collect is in the creation of a 'norm group', which is a reference group that is used to compare scores on a particular test against other scores.

All of your personal information is protected and we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and management procedures to safeguard and secure the data we collect. Your information is stored on secure cloud databases, internal servers, and on third party softwares. Your information is only accessible by employees who have authorised access rights to such information. All of your payment information is encrypted using SSL technology. We understand the importance of data privacy and all data is held in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations. If you are a participant in Project 2020 and would like to request further information on the data we hold about you, please send an email to [email protected]echnology.

To read our Privacy Policy, please click here.
Do you share my data with third-parties such as airlines or flight training organisations?
The data we collect as part of Project 2020 (see above) is not shared with any other third-party, this includes airlines and flight training organisations. We may share the results of our research and development objectives with other third-parties, however, we will never share any personally identifiable data with any other third-party.

Learn more about your data and third parties by reading our Privacy Policy.
How do I participate in Project 2020 and take my free SurePilot™ Pilot Assessment?
To get started, if you're on a computer, click the button below to register for an account. If you're viewing this on a mobile device, you'll need to use your computer to register for an account. Once you've registered, we'll automatically send your login credentials to the email address you provide and you'll be able to complete your Project 2020 questionnaire and take your free SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment immediately.
Where can I find the latest updates from Project 2020?
To find out about the latest updates from Project 2020, please visit our Company News page.
I'd like to find out more about Project 2020, how can I contact you?
If you have further questions about Project 2020, or if you are an organisation that wishes to participate in this research and development project, please get in touch using the details provided below:

+44 (0)20 3475 41 42

Our office hours are 08:30 to 18:00 GMT. We endeavour to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

By clicking the button below, I am willing to complete a Project 2020 Questionnaire and I agree to the SurePilot™ Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
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