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Analyse core competencies to help you make effective assessment decisions.

The SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment Tool
Rapid, reliable, dependable and cost-effective.
For Assessors

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Invite Infinite Candidates
Easily invite infinite numbers of candidates without any limitations directly to an assessment from your online portal.
Deep Performance Analysis
Analyse candidate performance per skill or per test, displayed graphically or textually with both raw and aggregated data.
For Pilot Candidates

Rapidly and cost-effectively assess your career potential online. Learn more

Instant Results
Access your account, complete your tests (within six hours) and analyse or download your performance data instantly.
Downloadable Report
Download a 21-page report that provides a detailed analysis of your performance both graphically and textually.
SurePilot was established in response to demand from airlines, flight training organisations and aviation recruitment agencies to provide a cost-effective solution to assessing pilot potential internationally, whether large or small-scale.